VoIP-GSM Gateway

VoIP-GSM Gateway
SETU VG (Multi-SIM VoIP to GSM/3G Gateway)
With ever increasing mobile call traffic and expanding field forces, organizations are realizing the need of GSM trunking for cutting down the cost of mobile calls. GSM voice extends business reach where fixed lines cannot reach and saves telecom cost by converting fixed-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls.
Matrix SETU VG is a compact VoIP-GSM gateway with up to 4/8 GSM and 3G SIM support. Integrated GSM/3G connectivity and open standard SIP support enables SETU VG gateway to easily connect with leading IP phone systems, software based IP-PBXs, hosted and SIP trunking services. SETU VG is a suitable GSM trunking solution for enterprises, call terminators and areas with limited landline and internet connectivity such as remote project offices, rural and educational institutions.

ETERNITY GE12S (Scalable VoIP to GSM/3G Gateway)
ETERNITY GE12S is a gateway scalable up to 40 GSM/3G channels. The gateway interconnects to an IP-PBX over LAN/WAN interface. The gateway helps avoiding the interconnections cost by placing calls to mobile numbers over the GSM/3G networks.
Automated routing algorithms help taking advantage of various service provider schemes based on time, number or the network called.