VoIP-FXO-FXS Gateways

VoIP-FXO-FXS Gateways
SETU VFX (Fixed VoIP to FXO-FXS Gateway)
SETU VFX is a range of multi-channel SIP gateway offering seamless connectivity between VoIP and PSTN networks. These gateways offer 4 to 32 FXO/FXS ports to connect TDM based telephony infrastructure to an IP network. For organizations those already migrated to IP, SETU VFX provides POTS trunking option.
SETU VFX series offers up to 32 VoIP channels, Fax over IP support and flexible dialing plans. The dedicated signal processing resources and superior protocol set ensures multiple call capabilities with toll-grade voice quality.

ETERNITY GE12S is a scalable VoIP to FXO-FXS gateway providing scalability of up to 384 IP channels. It is available in multiple configurations of FXO/FXS variants. The gateway offers 16 SIP accounts to register with various SIP service providers.