Small and Medium Business

Small and Medium Business
ETERNITY PE (The SMB IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity)
ETERNITY PE is a hybrid IP-PBX supporting up to 48 TDM users and 50 IP users. It offers connectivity to universal telephony networks such as VoIP, GSM, ISDN BRI, T1/E1 and POTS for cost-effective and flexible communications. Further ability to use an analog phone, digital key phone, an IP phone and even mobile phones as office extensions adds flexibility to communicate from convenient device and location.

ETERNITY GE (IP-PBX for 10 to 500 IP users)
The Hybrid (IP-TDM) platform supports up to 128 analog trunks, 40 GSM/3G ports, 32 ISDN BRI ports, 8 T1/E1/PRI ports and 16 VoIP trunks with up to 240 analog users, 96 digital users and 500 IP users. AC and DC power supply.

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