SIMADO GBR (Fixed GSM/3G to ISDN BRI Gateway )
SIMADO GBR is a fixed configuration gateway interfacing ISDN devices to the GSM/3G networks. The gateway offers up to 4 GSM/3G channels to connect a digital phone system via single or dual BRI ports. The gateway seamlessly routes calls over the GSM/3G network, bringing significant cost savings on fixed-to-mobile interconnection charges.

ETERNITY GE12S (Scalable GSM/3G to ISDN BRI Gateway)
ETERNITY GE12S is a gateway scalable from up to 40 GSM/3G channels. The gateway interfaces with existing ISDN PBX with configurable TE/NT ports. The gateway helps avoiding the interconnections cost, directly placing calls to mobile numbers over the GSM/3G networks. Flexible routing algorithms ensure a call is placed using the most cost-effective service provider.