Telsol Telecom & Security Inc. offers voice and data applications over GSM/3G network. These GSM/3G FCTs can be used as stand-alone units or can be interfaced with any communication system
SIMADO GFX11: GSM/3G FCT for Voice Applications
SIMADO GFX11 is a compact fixed cellular terminal used to make and receive calls over GSM/3G network from conventional analog desk phones. It provides GSM/3G connectivity to analog extension users, while retaining their existing communication infrastructure.
SIMADO GFX11 eliminates interconnection charges and provides substantial cost savings by turning all calls into mobile-to-mobile calls. It easily integrates with any PBX or telephone via GSM/3G network.
SIMADO GFX11 is ideal for small offices, remote project sites and retail shops for cost-effective and reliable communication.

SIMADO GFX11E: GSM/3G FCT for Emergency Applications
SIMADO GFX11E is a GSM FCT with built-in battery back-up useful for Power Cut and Emergency Applications. During any alarm situation, it establishes link with help center over the GSM/3G network and provides connectivity in emergency conditions.
During any alarm situation, caller can quickly connect with emergency service or hotline number just by lifting up the handset. When power fails, SIMADO GFX11E with battery backup enables the user to establish a link with the help center.
SIMADO GFX11E can be used in various areas such as elevators, ATMs, parkades, hospitals, shopping malls and senior citizen’s homes.