ETERNITY LE (IP-PBX for 10 to 1500 users)

ETERNITY LE (The IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity)
OverviewFlexible Subscriber Options Key FeaturesProduct Specifications
ETERNITY LE is a powerful enterprise communications solution that supports advanced applications, true business mobility and designed to scale to meet the needs of growing businesses. It is a future-proof, reliable, flexible and easy to manage voice communication system. It is an ideal solution for medium-sized businesses aspiring to be large, large corporations, large hotels and hospitals. The advanced call capabilities and comprehensive enterprise-grade features enhance customer responsiveness while improving efficiency and reduce costs.

ETERNITY LE Connectivity Diagram

Flexible Subscriber Options
Analog phones (SLT)

Key Features
Avail the Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness of IP Telephony to control operational expenses
  • Extend Enterprise Mobility on Andorid/iOS based Smartphones
  • Simultaneous SIP Proxy and Peer-to-Peer calling
  • Variety of SIP Endpoints
  • Mobile and Portable Extensions
  • IM and Presence Sharing
Improve Staff Productivity with the set of convenient voice features to generate more business opportunities
  • Built-in Auto-attendant
  • Voice Mail with Email Notification
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Department Groups
Improve Staff Efficiency with Converged and Collaborative communication to increase profitability
  • Innovative business applications with CTI interface
  • Bulk messages with SMS gateway functionality
  • Hybrid TDM-IP Platform
  • Unified Messaging
  • Integrated Gateway Functionality
  • Built-in 45-party Conferencing
  • Networking of Multiple Sites over QSIG ISDN and SIP
  • Fax over IP (T.38 and Pass-through)
Bring Seamless On-site and Off-site Staff Mobility for anytime connectivity with office and value chain partners
  • On the Move Access to Voice Mail
  • Experience Business Mobility on Android/iPhone Smartphones
  • GSM Trunks
  • Wireless SIP subscribers over Wi-Fi
  • No need of costly DECT phones
Simplified Management to increase operational ease and optimizethe resource utilization
  • Modular Architecture for easy scalability, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Browser based administration
  • Comprehensive configuration menus
Ensure Business Continuity under critical conditions
  • Optional Hot-Standby for CPU and DC Power Supply
  • Hot-swappable expansion cards

Product Specifications
VoIP Trunks:

GSM Trunks:
Up to 128

CO Ports:
Up to 128

ISDN T1/E1 PRI Channels:
Up to 720 Ch. (24 Ports)

ISDN BRI Channels:
Up to 64 Ch. (32 Ports)

IP Subscribers:
Up to 999

Analog Subscribers:
Up to 1344

Digital Subscribers:
Up to 128

Auxiliary Ports:
  • 4 Digital Key Phone Ports
  • One Ethernet Port
  • Two RS232C Ports
  • Analog Input and Output Port

Voice Mail System:
16 Ports with Auto-Attendant and dedicated Mailbox for each type of extension (Analog, Digital, IP)

Power Supply:
48 VDC

Power Consumption:


Unit Weight:

Hot Redundancy:
Yes (DC Power supply and Control cards)

Yes (For Expansion cards)

Wall Mount, Table Top, 19″ Rack Mount

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